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Confidential Document Control (CDC)


Since inception in 2001, Confidential Document Control (CDC) quickly filled a growing need within business community to to provide Sacramento Shredding Services that quickly and securely destroy documents. CDC helps companies ensure security, confidentiality, and government compliance on confidential destruction practices.  With state of the art equipment and unmatched experience, CDC helps businesses shred documents quickly and conveniently on site.  This outsource model has resulted in major cost savings over the in-house shredding alternative.

CDC is a “green company.” We utilize an environmentally conscious process that recycles 100% of all shredded material. We partner with various recycling companies to transform waste materials into usable commodities.

Some innovations CDC has brought into the field include pricing based on the volume and nature of the material vs. the time it takes to shred. We are often sought out as a mentor for others in the field, and partner with other companies to execute very large shredding assignments. This cooperative business model allows CDC to tackle any job. No job is too big or too small for Confidential Document Control.

Shredder Joe

By popular demand, CDC opened Shredder Joe, a walk-in service storefront located at 710 Vernon Street in Roseville, “Shredder Joe” offers convenience and peace of mind to individuals who are becoming more concerned about identity theft. At no extra cost, you can watch us shred your documents and rest assured they have been securely and properly destroyed.

Bring your box, and we’ll shred it in seconds for $7 to $10 per box. We are open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:15 am to 1:00 pm.

Our “Frequent Shredder” program:

Sign up for $3 and get a Shredder Joe banker’s box.

Fill up your box with junk mail, magazines, old tax records, old bank documents, whatever you wish and when you bring it in, you will save $3 each visit. We will shred your box for $7 rather than the standard $10 rate.


Arrange a “Shred Day” at your apartment complex, neighborhood, or teaming up with your favorite charitable organization. We’ll bring our shredding truck to you and everyone can clean out their garage, attic, and file cabinets of stuff they would spend days trying to shred themselves. Great fun and a unique fund raising concept!

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